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    Liaoning Hongyu refractory Group Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1999, is a specialized magnesia refractory production enterprise which integrates mining, raw material production and finished product processing. Located in China's magnesium City, Dashiqiao, Liaoning, the group now has 6 branches and more than 1200 employees.

    There is a mine with a mine of 20 million tons, 400 thousand tons per year, 8 light burning magnesia sintering kiln, 4 magnesia sintering kiln, 2 medium magnesia sintering kiln and 24 electric melting magnesium sintering furnace, 2 of 66 thousand volt substation, 3 in magnesia carbon brick production plant, 4, nickel iron mine in 1850 C high temperature tunnel kiln. The hot stove is 2.

    And has the production equipment, the Lai hydraulic press brick machine 2500 tons 2, 2000 tons 4 sets, and other friction presses the brick machine.

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